Chairman's Message at the start of the New Academic Year The mark of any school lies in the quality of values it delivers and that is what all parents and scholar's looking for and that is why you have come to right Place. I congratulate and welcome everyone with my blessings to all scholar's,Parents and teachers at the start of new academic year of the Scholar's Pride now a senior secondary CBSE affiliated School. As we all know that there are huge challenges in todays global and highly competitive world and we all have to ensure that our scholar's as well as teachers, parents must ready for them because education these days is not simply the amount of information acquired or put in the brain of children. The success of Scholar's does not entail the mere acquisition of knowledge. Even a high percentage of marks in exams are not a guarantee that our Scholar's will become successful in life. It will depend upon their ability to put this knowledge to use for their bright future. So, we at Scholar's Pride endeavors to ensure an all round development of the personalities of our Scholar's. Questions and Curiosity are magnets that draw scholar's towards their teachers. So, if the scholar's have curiosity, they will study happier and all teachers must follow this rule. The schools values are underpinned by three concepts; school is a place where we all enjoy and value learning; the school is a home that is the heart of our community and the school is a paradise of wonderment, fun and harmony for all. I sincerely hope that you all can join me in upholding the values of Scholar's Pride School. I feel proud to say that the school provides conductive atmosphere for the overall development of the Scholar's and exposes them to creative experiences. By doing so, we give them the gift of a rich and memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime creative expression. In the end of this message I would like to advice all teachers as well as scholar's that everyone who has been successful in his or her chosen field understands the importance of practice and preparation. To become outstanding in a particular area, we must learn to practice with concentration and focus. Practice is our chance to work on our weaknesses and get better. When we are working to excel in something, it is not enough to do what is expected. We must constantly strive to exceed our own expectations. Nor should we keep starting and stopping a practice regimen. When we practice, we must be consistent. Education is supposed to help us think. The thinking process seems to be lacking in a lot of people, even those with education. We all go from learning to doing. The worst thing is to learn hard lessons by doing before learning. Through education, the scholar's will gain vision. Through vision, they gain the ability to spot economic problems and which turn them into economic opportunities. Problem solving is the education at its best. Just as understanding can replace hatred, education can replace fear. As I always said, we always believe in standing by our belief and never testing on our laurels. Because we seek to enhance upon what we have already achieved. We are proud of the heights we have achieved. But there are loftier peaks to scale day by day, year by year. In the end, I will pray to all almighty to shower his blessings to all concern with Scholar's Pride.

B.B.Bansal (Advocate, Taxation)